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FvH Scotland Grassroots is an initiative supported by Puma to get Scottish grassroots football clubs to take action to tackle LGBT+ discrimination in football throughout our February Month of Action.

Clubs interested in getting involved with the campaign will need to meet the following criteria:

  • Designate a match day to Football v Homophobia Scotland in February 2020
  • Share the event across the club’s social media platforms
  • Communicate activity to your opposing team on match day
  • Commit to taking one action this season to make your club more inclusive of LGBT+ people by signing our club pledge (examples of actions will be included in the campaign pack)


Clubs that sign up will be sent a rainbow football, a campaign pack with some top tips on how to make the most of your designated match day, a Football v Homophobia Scotland Strategy, education materials and club pledges. Your club badge will also be added to the Football v Homophobia Scotland and wider Football v Homophobia 2020 Champions page.

(Please note, that whilst the project is open to teams of all ages, we only supply size 5 match balls)


Click here, and scroll towards the bottom to apply.