About us

Football v Homophobia Scotland works to remove the barriers which prevent lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people from accessing, participating, enjoying and excelling across Scottish football. FvH Scotland wants football to take a clear stance against homophobia so that everyone can enjoy the beautiful game and provides an opportunity for football to lead the way in removing discrimination and prejudice based on sexual orientation and gender identity and expression.

Our work

Football v Homophobia Scotland is a whole programme of football related work, engaging in:

  • LGBTI fan group development
  • Strategy development
  • Public engagement events
  • Participation events
  • Campaigning
  • Education

2023 Champions


Coordinated by LEAP Sports, Football v Homophobia Scotland works autonomously but has close relationships with the UK and international Football v Homophobia campaigns and movements. Football v Homophobia Scotland recognises that committing to change includes a whole programme of work which is in constant conversation with the world of football. For this reason, partnership working and collaboration exists at its heart as a core underpinning principle.